“d’mai is an urban spa oasis known for our luxurious facials, transformative massages, & unique body treatments; a place of restoration, relaxation and rejuvenation.”

Recently named best spa in Brooklyn. D’mai is a mantra of wellness. d’mai is an urban spa oasis known for our luxurious facials, transformative massages, & unique body treatments that all bring you to a place of restoration, relaxation and rejuvenation. Once you enter our sanctuary away from all city noise, we transport you down our candle-lit, wooden planked hallways to a secret refuge of peace and tranquility. We specialize in the best, clean beauty that nature and science offers. Your body and face deserve the best and we tailor our spa treatments specifically for your needs. Our renowned wellness professionals meet you where you are and help you achieve a greater level of wellness. Whether you join us for an exfoliating microdermabrasion session or a recuperative CBD massage, we put the right amount of luxury into every service we perform at d’mai.

Daniella Stromberg


Daniella Stromberg is the d in d’mai. She is the founder and heart of d’mai. With a degree in holistic wellness, Daniella opened the doors of D’mai in her hometown of Brooklyn in 2004 on Valentine’s Day. The opening day was a perfect metaphor because Daniella and her approach to owning a small business stems from LOVE. Fifteen years later, Daniella still treats her clientele and staff with the love and devotion she had on day one. She believes spas are for everyone which includes shape, size, color and gender. She is a proud employer of a diverse staff whom many have been with d’mai since day one. Daniella’s philosophy is all luxe, no snobbery. Every client is always greeted with a smile and an inviting warm welcome as if you were an old friend even if it may be a first visit. Daniella’s company ethos in owning a spa is called her “Circle of Care.” She takes care of her team of employees to make sure they can take care of her guests with the professional, nurturing, touch she puts into everything she does. d’mai is not just another spa, it is the wellness, nucleus of a community. Daniella holds weekly free community meditation and was the recent recipient of The Brooklyn Leading Businesswoman Award given by Brooklyn Borough President honoring Daniella for being a business owner who gives back to diverse and underserved Brooklyn communities. Her “Circle of Care” goes far beyond her business, she believes in caring for all.