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Face Treatments

“the best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin”


Rebalance $155

This delicious primer facial is everything you expect from a luxury facial including: deep pore extraction, 2 levels of exfoliation, a customized treatment mask and all the spa yummies.


Vitality $200

Our d’mai signature facial features an exfoliating boost.  Your highly skilled esthetician will select the peel that is right for your skin type.

Clarifying $160

This acne fighting confidence boosting facial clears blemishes and improves texture and appearance of your skin.

Glow  $160

Our all natural deeply restorative facial is perfect for all faces even sensitive ones but it is designed especially with moms-to-be in mind.

Seasonal Face Treatment $195

Cranberries are everywhere this time of year, so let's use them to EXFOLIATE.  This Face treatment is the surest way get your glow on. Your choice of microdermabrasion or a peel followed by the yummiest anti-oxidant rich cranberry fruit enzyme and hyaluronic acid/collagen mask. 

Renewal  $265

Reveal your beautiful glow with our dynamic facial. Your skin will be thoroughly transformed during this treatment which includes both microdermabrasion and a peel.


Ultimate  $310

Love your skin with this sublime anti-aging treatment that helps to repair environmental damage, erase fine lines and wrinkles, and plump and firm the skin. Our red LED light delivers immediate and lasting results of smooth, radiant skin.

Clarifying Ultimate $310

The ultimate combination of state-of- the-art technology and high-performance ingredients to treat your skin and heel your skin from adult acne. We boost the acne fighting with the antibacterial power of the blue LED light.


LED Light Therapy $165

Infrared red light therapy served up in an aaahhhhh-spa setting.  This is the perfect quick-lift and plumping treatment for your skin.


Microdermabrasion $160

Our advanced resurfacing treatment uses diamond-tip microdermabrasion to turn devitalized skin into the glow.


Green Tea Acid Peel*
Our peels are gentle but super effective.  The right peel for your skin type will reveal your dewy glow.
Face Peel


Chest Peel


Back Peel


* available in a series - buy six get one free

also available in a mini-series - buy three and save 10%


Feel great about your skin this year.
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