KOS Huile d’Argan Rose


Just like having a walk in a garden, succumb to the fresh fragrance of the Rose of May. Rich in essential fatty acids, omega 3 and Tocopherols (vitamin E), antioxidants that prevent skin dryness, Argan oil fights the signs of aging and restores suppleness and radiance to your skin while optimising hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis.

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  • Argan oil is an incredibly effective universal beauty solution for the skin, which increases nutrient inputs to the cells and restores the hydro-lipid film.
  • It preserves the skin youthfulness by protecting it from the sun, the wind, the cold or the pollution.
  • It nourishes every types of skin, reduces the apparition of stretch marks and encourages the healing process of dryness.
  • Argan oil is also an excellent treatment for hair.
  • 100% of the ingredients are from natural origin, 98% come from organic farming.