Ultraluxe Hydrasoft Sensitive Lotion


Hydrate and balance problem your skin with this ultra-light moisture lotion that quickly absorbs, leaving your skin calm and smooth. Formulated with Bergamot extract to reduce irritation, Tangerine extract to calm and refresh, antioxidant Vitamin E to fight impurities, Pro-Vitamin B5 to promote healthy skin development and Ceramides to restore moisture.


  • Balances skin’s pH level for ideal moisture levels
  • Leaves skin supple, soft and smooth without feeling greasy
  • Includes Bergamot, Chamomile and Tangerine extracts to calm and soothe red, dry and/or irritated skin

How to use:

  • AM & PM
  • Apply 1-3 pumps to face and neck (if needed) until absorbed.

Key Ingredients:

  • Bergamot Extract
  • Tangerine Extract
  • Vitamin E and B5
  • Plant Ceramides
  • Lactic Acid