18.21 Shaving Glide


New Shaving Glide offers a precision shave with complete transparency for men who want to shape beards, mustaches or sideburns. Waterless, non-lathering lotion turns into a clear liquid. Provides a slick barrier, holding up to the razor’s blade while letting it get close to the skin. Lubricating with jojoba oil and aloe vera that soothe and heal the skin, rinsing off easily. Use daily for a complete shave or to precisely edge. Use it on the go for a waterless shave. Featuring the aroma of Spiced Tobacco.


  • Aloe vera calms and hydrates
  • Kukui and jojoba condition and fight off irritation
  • Lupinus albus protein accelerates the healing of micro cuts and coffee arabica seed oil restores and brightens skin