Recently I partnered with the wonderful people at INDUSTRY magazine and wrote a piece for the health section of their July/August edition of their everything Brooklyn magazine. I hope you know INDUSTRY– If not you should, because working with the team at INDUSTRY was awesome. They are into independent businesses.  INDUSTRY is all about LUXE and lusciousness. Well I know a bit about that, don’t I?

To read the whole article pick up the July/August issue of INDUSTRY magazine wherever you buy luxury periodicals, or check out the piece in their digital edition here

Here is a taste:

Noticing changes in your skin recently? They may be due to your face mask. While it’s an unfortunate side effect of taking necessary precautions, this new reality is a frustrating one – we’re right there with you. And of course, d’mai is here to help! We have solutions to this skincare struggle.

Why Do Masks Cause Skin Irritation and Acne?
Wearing a mask blocks fresh air from reaching your face, which normally keeps skin dry and balanced. Moisture can build up, creating the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and spread. Re-use can further lead to the spread of bacteria. Additionally, masks trap heat, which causes inflammation. It’s also possible that your skin could be sensitive to the material
of the mask.

How to Take Care of  Your Skin While Wearing a Mask
Always wash your hands before touching your mask. Before you put your mask on, make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed. If there is a buildup of oils, dead skin, or debris on the skin, this will intensify the chance of your mask irritating your skin or causing problems.

Again, I’d love you to check out my whole article. If you are like most of us and this article speaks to you, please come on by the Clean Beauty Shop at d’mai. I can happily and easily put together a skin care regimen that will help YOU unmask YOUR best skin. #inittogether